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Styling silver jewelry comes with expertise that a lot of us don’t have. Indeed, all these influencers out there work pretty hard to make a look based on an outfit and a ton of jewelry. We’ve all been through these cringe phases in life where we didn’t know the first thing about styling. When it comes to looking your best, all those raw painful flashbacks start coming in. They include those mandatory yet disastrous wardrobe malfunctions that we’ve faced at least once in our lives.

It’s time that you start paying a little more attention to styling and that too, with silver jewelry. No matter how long it’s been since you’ve had silver jewelry pieces, they’ll always be alluringly timeless. Years would go by and you’re still wearing jewelry that you bought in your teens. That’s just the way silver jewelry works. However, it’ll be in use like that only when you take care of it like it deserves to be cared for. Only then you’ll be able to get the worth out of the money.

Using silver jewelry means styling numerous outfits that they best go with. It is extremely versatile so you may find yourself wearing it at a purely casual event or a fancy one. So make sure you get everything you need out of the money you’ve spent on it. You’ll be shocked by the amount of stuff you can get out of a simple pair of silver earrings. The tips and tricks below have you in for a surprise!

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Styling tips for silver jewelry

There’s no better jewelry to wear over different outfits than silver. It is extremely versatile so you know when you buy it, you’ll juice out every last drop of its beauty. The accessory comes in many different forms and designs that people have been going crazy over. It’s a typical effect that silver jewelry has on people. The jewelry stands out in the crowd and makes you feel like a queen, something most metals fail to do. Nothing can beat its spark and shine, especially sterling silver. That one glimmers like there are tiny stars engrained within it. You can wear it anywhere you want without feeling over and underdoing it.

Outfit color selection

The one thing you have to do to make your jewelry attract attention is by choosing the color. The rookie mistake that even many influencers make is choosing the wrong color to go with their jewelry. The wrong color means your jewelry looks dull against the complicated patterns and bright colors of your outfit. They camouflage the design of your jewelry. Choose a color that goes well against the shiny glimmer of your necklace or earrings. Dark colors like black maroon or blue look glamorous with silver jewelry. Make sure that you don’t wear pastel colors like green or yellow, as they will extinguish the spark of the jewelry.

Simple outfits

As silver jewelry has many varieties and options that you select for yourself, choose a proper outfit for it. The outfits you wear should be pretty plain with dark colors. When you’re planning to wear silver jewelry, you don’t have to worry about what patterns you’ll wear. Just choose a simple, plain shirt or dress so it doesn’t distract the eye from the main part of your look. Silver jewelry already has multiple, complex designs that always want to be in the spotlight. You just have to make sure that you choose outfits according to that and go about doing what you love.

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This is quite an obvious tip but we still wanted to get it out there. Since you always choose outfits according to the occasion, you must do the same for jewelry as well. Don’t just blindly lay on jewelry like you’re going to a party. If it’s for work, put on your favorite minimalist silver jewelry necklace or even a pair of short earrings. Studs go well with a casual setting while a choker or heavy necklace would look wonderful at a fancy party. You have to work your way through all these things so you can look your ultimate best everywhere.


Even if you have tons of sterling silver jewelry waiting to be worn at an event, don’t wear them at once. Save some for the actual deserving events. Like there are makeup tips where if you have dark eye makeup then the lipstick should be nude. It’s similar to jewelry as well. If your outfit’s fancy, your jewelry should be simple and vice versa. Wearing heavy jewelry with an equally heavily-sequined dress would seem too flashy. You don’t want to draw attention away from the jewelry. That’s just not styling works.

Choose your earrings wisely

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Since an outfit is pretty incomplete without earrings, take your time while selecting earrings. They frame the whole shape of your face with an intensity that even a contour can’t achieve. Always select earrings according to your complexion. What’s so great about silver jewelry is how it easily goes with any kind of complexion.

So you just have to choose earrings that are suitable for your outfit. But one tip that you can go for is to first check the shape of your face. People choose earrings that highlight the shape of their faces. If you have a round face, you shouldn’t wear large hoop earrings. They might make your face look rounder. Go with earrings that truly define the contours of your face, sharpening your cheekbones.


Silver jewelry has quite a long history that it may not have been competent enough to survive but did. It’s the kind of metal that has evolved into the most pleasant version of itself. Something that if we think hard upon, we would never be able to fathom. It’s the best present nature could ever give us and we should treat it as such. So styling it will help you appreciate it more!

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