Where to use and style your silver brooch?

Brooches come from an extremely long history from which it has evolved to become the thing you wear for aesthetics. The way it used to be worn as a way to cover tears from clothes and now it’s used worn as jewelry. A few years back there was a huge gap between the times they trending and the time they weren’t. It’s come to our attention that it’s not the case now. You wear brooches whether they’re trending or not. However, it depends on the metal you’re going for. Gold brooches won’t hit you the same as silver brooches. Silver brooches have a certain spark that turns up an outfit a few notches up the stylish scale.

If you’re wearing a plain shirt or coat with a base color, just pin a brooch on the chest. That would make your outfit much more beautiful. If you’re feeling drab and dull while wearing your clothes just pin a brooch or brooches over the side of your dress. You’ll make your outfit much prettier without feeling like you can’t do anything about it. Some have even said that it feels like there’s magic in brooches. You can wear them on the side of your waist, pinned to it so you can be able to do it with care.

Where to use and style your silver brooch?

silver brooch

What are brooches?

In case you’ve never heard about brooches and don’t know what they are, we’ll clear everything up now. Brooches are an accessory that is pinned over the front of your outfits. You can wear it on any attire you have and they usually come with a rotating pin clasp. They have a long history of just being used to put together a tear in your clothes. They then later evolved into simply an accessory you can put on your clothes.

Silver brooches are quite versatile and come in a great variety. You’ll be able to find something of your style in the long list of brooches present in the market. It comes and goes in fashion and has recently been added to the top trend list. It’s a unisex jewelry piece that can be worn by women and men.

Styling silver brooches

Blazer lapels:

The oldest and the most convenient way of styling it is by pinning brooches on your blazer lapels. You can wear it professionally or get a special occasion like a wedding where you have to look your best. The blazer lapel style used to be worn two to three decades ago and is still popular now. There are brooches available according to this style.

These include brooches that have two sections, both of which are attached by a chain. One part of the silver brooch is pinned to the blazer while the other is pinned to the blazer. This is how you wear a brooch on a blazer lapel. This is for both men and women.


Bet you never knew you can wear silver brooches over collars. It’s the most effortlessly classy way of wearing them. They look their absolute best when you are in them in pairs. Collars and blouses are a great place to put on your vintage-style brooches. They come in many forms and designs and would look lovely when you put each piece on either side. Many come in pairs and look their best when you purchase similar brooches and put them on the collar.

It makes your outfit much more classy and stylish. Men mostly wear them for special occasions like Christmas or weddings. If you want to go all out you can find one big brooch. Just pin it to one side of the collar to give a dramatic feel to it that everybody would remember for the rest of their lives.

silver brooch


Just like necklaces, brooches can also be worn to enhance the look you’re going for your dress. It’s a design that feels incredibly well and makes you feel like you have nothing to prove. You’ll just be enjoying yourself with your amazing brooches worn on your favorite dress too. Just to make it more elegant. If you have a number with a V-neck where the neckline is dipping in front, just pin a brooch. However, make sure to wear a couple of brooches on one side of the dress to make it more stylish.

That would truly complete the purpose of wearing silver brooches. For halter tops or necklines, you can put on brooches on either side of the straps to add some spice to your look. Wearing brooches over dresses is the best way you can enhance their style and accentuate your neckline.

Coats and jackets:

Wearing brooches overcoats and jackets is the best way you can go about styling brooches. It’s a way to make you feel that there’s still much room to style your outfit even if it’s freezing out. The coats and jackets might be plain in color but add in a bit of sparkle and shine and you’ll be fine. Pin silver brooches over your breastbone to make it that much more prominent. If you want to wear a shawl or a scarf around your neck over your jacket then pin your brooch on it.

This way the brooch would not only stick your garment in place but would also make it beautiful. This is how you can easily pair brooches over your jackets and coats. It surely won’t be a problem as it would make styling your winter outfits much easier.

silver brooch


Silver brooches are severely underrated when it comes to wearing them for styling purposes. The jewelry is made to enhance the way you style it. It makes the brooch a great choice to wear. It can be worn with care so you don’t have to worry about looking overkill. Hopefully, you know how to style silver brooches from all the creative ways of wearing them mentioned above.

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