Wholesale Silver Bracelet

Whether it was on a whim or for a particular reason, Wholesale Silver Bracelet we have purchased jewelry items at one time or the other. Especially when it holds a more personal value, we want to hold on to it and wear them for as long as possible.

While Wholesale Silver Bracelet can last more than single wear, some gemstones have properties that help them last years. Understanding how to care for your Wholesale Bracelet will increase their lifespan and prevent tarnishing, dullness, and maintain beauty—allowing you to wear them for a long time and pass them down as heirlooms to future generations.

Keep them away from chemicals. 

One thing that dims the luster of precious gems is when they frequently come in contact with chemicals. The chemicals are not restricted to industrial materials, battery acids, or paint. Substances that we use every day, like body spray and other cosmetic products, can severely damage the quality and discolor of gemstones. The effect they have on your jewelry might go unnoticed over time, but after a while, you begin to see the changes. As much as possible, avoid using these everyday chemicals if they will come in contact, or apply them first before putting on accessories.



How to Take Care of Your Wholesale Silver Bracelet


Wholesale Silver Bracelet


Keep pearls away from water. 

To preserve pearls, keep away from the swimming pool or areas where they are likely to contact water. Keep them away from the showers, garden hoses, and do not put them while doing the dishes.  If your pearl jewelry necklace is wet, applying dry heat or hanging out to dry will only cause more damage. The best way to clean them is to use a drop of olive oil on a damp cloth and clean. When cleaning, don’t be tempted to add soap- the constituents will most likely damage and degrade the luster of the pearls.


Store fragile gemstones separate from hard ones 

Some gemstones like pearl, amber, amethyst, and talc can be broken, scratched, and destroyed quickly. When worn to gatherings with many people in attendance or some activities involve a lot of jostling, they can be chipped away at impact even more so if they are kept in the exact location or stored with other rocks like a diamond sapphire and moissanite. While diamonds can be kept in airtight containers to prevent moisture, pearls are stored in a soft-cloth pouch because they contain some amount of water and need the air to breathe.

To properly store your Wholesale Silver Bracelet, follow these arrangements;

Keep diamond wrapped in clothes to avoid scratches from other gemstones

Keep pearls, amethyst in a soft cloth pouch away from other gemstones. Lay the pearls flat.

Gold and silver plated jewelry should be kept away from heat and sunlight because they can get tarnished easily.

Keep gold and silver in a cool, dry airtight container.


Wholesale Silver Bracelet


Avoid excess contact with heat and sunlight. 

Exposing your Wholesale Silver Bracelet to excess heat and sunlight will cause discoloration, wear, brittleness and dullness. All these will accelerate the rapid deterioration in the quality and value of your jewelry. To avoid tarnishing the quality of your jewelry, ensure that when you get home, and you are not wearing it, you store it in a cool, dark place.

Add chalk 

If you are reading this for the first time, it might sound like a piece of bogus advice. What will chalk do to preserve the quality of your jewelry? But the truth is, it has been tested and tried so many times. Chalk can be used to prevent tarnishing. Chalk absorbs moisture and sulfur compounds that can damage silver. And because silver tarnishes quickly if not polished regularly, this option will be of great help to you-especially if most of your jewelry is set in silver, and it will also save you money. All you need to do is wrap a couple of chalk pieces in a cloth and put it in a cool, dry place with your silver.

 Give your jewelry a chance to relax. 

Does your jewelry deserve a break? Wasn’t it bought to be worn? We want to wear these beautiful pieces that create the perfect ensemble, so you need to rotate them. Diamond, jade, and sapphire jewels are considered as “everyday wear” because of their durability and endurance; others like amber and pearl should be worn sparingly to protect and lengthen their usage. The same goes for expensive jewels- they should only be worn on special occasions.

Travel with a high-quality jewelry box

Inside the comfort of your home, there are several places where you can place or keep your jewelry and be rest assured that no damage will occur. This is, however, not the case when you are on the road or in a different location. It would help if you traveled with a Wholesale Silver Bracelet box to store them- and it is even more critical than it is of high quality. A cheap jewelry box could get broken or dented with a lot of hustling and jostling, but getting a box of better quality will keep the contents safe.


Wholesale Silver Bracelet

Know how to store the type of jewelry 

More than understanding how gold is not to be exposed to sunlight or pearls need to breathe, and you should have enough knowledge on how to safely and adequately store jewelry items. For example, bracelets should be placed in small boxes, separate from other Wholesale Silver Bracelet pieces, earrings should be hung with their fastenings in place, and longer necklaces are bound to get tangled with other pieces and should be kept away in separate boxes.


All the above are tips that can be carried out quickly to keep your jewelry looking good. However, you will eventually need to visit a professional jewelry shop to carry out proper maintenance. While you can preserve the quality of your jewels, they can make them as good as new. Every Zales store offers professional cleanings free of charge. These jewelry outlets will also check for bent or lose settings. You can be sure that you will leave with your jewelry looking as good as new.