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How do I tell a fake from a real in regards to wholesale ring ?

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Counterfeits from the real thing about wholesale rings

People often get confused and get the fake silver rings instead of the 9245 silver rings. That is not your fault. The sellers often trick customers with less knowledge. So, the solution is to educate yourself regarding the signs of real and fake silver. When you are buying the wholesale ring settings for the first time, you need to be careful. Make sure you do not end up buying the silver-plated rings that are not real. 

So, here is how you will differentiate between the fake and the real 925 silver rings. 

925 Silver ring has a stamp on it 

Remember whenever you are buying the 925 silver ring, you will find out the 925 stamps of the ring. This will give you the relief that it is sterling silver. Most of the time the silver is not fake, but it is made of different compositions. So, the stamp is there to help and notify if you are getting the ring that you want or not. 

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Touch, smell, and durability of the 925 silver ring 

The other way to differential the ring is to check the feel of it. The smell and the feel of the ring will help you out. If it smells like sulfur or any chemical, beware. It is not silver. Moreover, if it feels bumpy and you see it peeling off, this is not silver. 

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There are other ways to differentiate as well. You can use the magnet, or acid method to differentiate the silver.Moreover, the good thing about silver is that, even if it tarnishes, it can be polished. So, do not think that your 925 silver ring is fake if it is tarnishing. It is a sign that this ring is made of 925 silver.


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